Friday, February 25, 2011

Fashion Finds Friday - A little bit homemaker, a big dash of divine

Well over the past few months I have mad a lot of confessions on this blog and here comes the next one...
My name is Larissa and I am a serial offending homemaker.
I struggle to cook, cleaning really is a chore and I would much rather be shopping or blogging.
Before you throw the book at me and send me to a Martha Stewart run recovery must know, I REALLY do try!  
Until I make more progress in the fore mentioned arenas 
I will attempt to at least look the part.

These aprons by Jessie Style at Layla Grayce are enough to get anyone in the homemaker spirit.  I stop by Layla Grayce at least a few times a week to do some window drooling shopping.  I am yet to find an occasion that I haven't stumbled upon a product that makes my heart flutter. But until I convince them to do international shipping I will trawl through made it and etsy to find some similarly gorgeous aprons. 

Personalised, individual, handmade aprons.
So shabby chic!

Matching Mummy and Me aprons that are wipeable!
These would be great for arts and crafts!
Love the very "grown up" modern and sophisticated fabric.

My size please!  
Love the vintage florals!

Now if only wearing the apron had magical "Mary Poppins" style powers and would help clean my house and prepare a 3 course dinner with a click of my fingers.
A girl can always dream.....


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