Sunday, October 3, 2010

My Little Fatty Bacon.....

Pumpkin pie, cutie cupcake, scrummy muffin...I am so glad we spent 9 months pouring over every page in the baby name book.  Miss A is rarely referred to her by her given name, that we painstakingly chose.  We ummed and ahhed over names, origins and meanings.  Would it go with her siblings name, can it be shortened, have I ever taught a naughty child with that name? Luckily, Miss A appears to answer to whatever term of endearment we call her.  Funnily enough the most common ones are somehow in reference to food.  Including our often saying "You're so gorgeous, I could eat you."

 It all came to a head yesterday in the car.  Master O also calls Miss A  all of the forementioned nicknames but yesterdays had me cracking up....

Master O to Miss A:  I love you My Little Fatty Bacon!!!  

Yes he does love fatty bacon (please don't cringe) and he does love his sister so why not combine the two.  The roars of laughter from the front seat insured that he continued to say it another twenty times during the car ride.... I hope she doesn't grow up thinking she is a little pig!

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