Friday, October 1, 2010

Project Playroom....

In my dreamworld, our playroom would look just like this.  In fact it would even contain the two children dressed so beautifully, sharing their gorgeous tea set, using their manners "Excuse me madam, one lump, or two?".  There would be no pieces of lego strewn across the floor.  No toast crusts in a bowl on the table.  The books would not have torn pages or scribbled on covers.  Everything would have its place.  Every place a label.  It would be efficient, beautiful, organised!!!  

 I just love this Cameron storage unit from Pottery Barn Kids.  I know this particular colour scheme is a little girly, well really girly, but the classic, crisp white could compliment  any colour palette.  The different storage elements including baskets and drawers that are child friendly and shelves and cupboards that can hide things away from tempting little artists!

 Pottery Barn Kids has long been one of my favourite things.  Do they not realise they would have a licence to print money if they ever went global?  Why is there nothing like this in Australia?  Well I will have to settle with Ikea.  Our Playroom has long been a work in progress.  It has had to constantly expand to control the mountains of toys!  Here is the playroom before Master 0 was born!
The Playroom - January 2007 - Before O was born!
A couch for feeding/watching children play/reading
A collage trolley
An easel with calendar
THe Piano
Baby Swing
and Childrens Table
This all came form my classroom!
Maternity Leave meant I had to put it somewhere!
The Playroom - September 2007 - The toys are mounting up!
The collage trolley has become a "Baby changing station!"
Out with the easel it was taking up too much room for a baby on the move!
THe lounge seemed like a good idea but became too dangerous with "someone" pulling themselves up on it!
The baby swing has also had to find a new home!

The Playroom - Makeover 1 - Out with the piano in with the storage!
The bookcase got moved to make room for a bigger "mat" play area.
We bought a "Trofast" storage unit form Ikea to house the million toys!
Makes it so easy to clean up!

The Playroom - October 2010
A new Ikea "Expedit" storage unit, the new must have!
We bought matching baskets form Ikea for along the bottom to house 
matchbox cars, plastic kitchen set, other small vehicles, anything small that needs to be grouped together!
 line on the wall above the table for hanging pictures (also from Ikea)
a new quiet reading area under the gorgeous Ikea net.
And one very busy 3 year old!


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