Sunday, October 10, 2010

Wish upon a star....

La Toriana

In my eyes, Miss A will be a baby forever.  She will be the first baby to follow in Peter Pan's footsteps and never grow up.    But alas she will, no doubt, grow up, and most probably way before her time as all little girls do.  So to console myself I drool over  all of the gorgeous products for little girls.  These divine, vintage inspired, designs from La Toriana have taken me to my "happy place".  They are reminiscent of a bygone era where little girls searched the gardens for fairies, instead of Hannah Montana.  When frills and lace and all things feminine were in vogue, before Disney took over the fashion market and replaced all things pretty with character outfits promoting their latest flick.  Pearls and ribbon and roses will always remain classic, or so I will tell her.  Frolick in the garden, dream of fairies, jump in puddles and try to catch rain drops on your nose.  I hope my tinker"bella" will always delight in such simple childhood fantasy's......perhaps tonight I will wish upon a star....


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