Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Forget the apples...World Teachers Day Gift

World Teacher's Day Presents!

This week, our childcare centre and many others are celebrating "Childcare Workers Week".

It also coincides with "World Teacher's Day" on the 29th of October, the last Friday in October.
The rest of the world celebrates this day earlier in October, but as Australians are generally on school holidays at this time the date in Australia has been moved to compensate.
As a teacher I know how hard it can be to take care of children day in and day out.  Even more so for our childcare workers who are paid substantially less, work longer hours and care for younger children who are VERY demanding (yes my child included)!!!  Every time I drop Master O  off I am so grateful for the wonderful staff at his centre.  He runs to hug them each morning, they are firm and fair, nurturing and friendly.
They are deserving of so much but we thought we would put together a little thought for each of them.

My inspiration for this idea came from the always inspiring 
(while you are there check out the  very clever Alphabet Vase! It is on my to do list!)
I loved the "smarties and sharpies" idea but I am afraid the Australian "smarties" would melt too quickly!  So after lolly hunting (any excuse) I came up with using Jelly Babies to resemble all the little people they care for every day and a candle for the way they encourage our little peoples lights to shine!

 You take one jar (I bought this one from a Dollar Shop)
 A candle with glass container

 A bag of Jelly Babies (there should be enough so that sneaky fingers can have a few!)

 Line the jar with "Jelly Babies"
Place the candle in the glass centre.

 I traced around the lid of jar and using some scrapbooking paper, covered the lid.  
I added the initial of each of Master O's Teachers.
I tied some ribbon around the outside.

and attached a card.....
"Thank you for nurturing our "baby" (the Jelly Babies)
You are so generous, caring and kind
But most of all we thank you
For letting his little light shine" (the candle)

One of the best Christmas presents I ever received as a teacher, 
was a handmade, scrapbooked, tin! (Full of chocolates of course!)
That tin has come in handy for so many things, year after year.
The candle will hopefully come in handy on a prayer table or even to take home.
I hope Master O's teachers will be able to use the jar for school supplies, nick naks or even beter as a sneaky lolly jar, we all need one of those, but teachers need them twice as much!

"We must view young people not as empty bottles to be filled, but as candles to be lit." 

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